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Modern Foreign Languages

Head of department: Mr Ian Griffiths griffithsi@wellandparkacademy.com

Our aim as a department is to help create confident linguists who are adept at manipulating language independently to express themselves and communicate with others.

Our curriculum is designed to develop students’ skills at a manageable pace, with each new element building on what has come before. These opportunities to reuse and refresh prior knowledge mean that by the end of their time at Welland Park Academy, students feel comfortable experimenting with language and have a solid foundation in grammar, syntax and vocabulary.

The AQA GCSE specification covers three key themes: Identity and Culture; Local, National, International and Global Areas of Interest; Current and Future Study and Employment. These key themes are introduced in KS3 through a range of topics and are developed further in KS4.

MFL GCSE exams take place after Easter in Year 11 and all four skills are equally weighted (25% each). Listening, reading and writing are written exam papers, whilst the speaking assessment is conducted with the class teacher and lasts between 7 and 12 minutes, depending on the tier.

The AQA website address and course codes are as follows:


French 8658       German 8668       Spanish 8698

Speaking another language, like the ability to count or read, is a lifelong skill. It is an asset to any job in any sector and the transferable skills we master when learning a language make us more flexible and adaptable. Languages are always useful, opening up a world of possibilities and broadening our horizons. It has only ever been an advantage to be multilingual.


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