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Computing, Business and ICT - Key Stage 3

The Computing and ICT Department encourages all students to develop their ICT capability in a wide range of contexts. We look at specific uses of ICT in society including its use in the media and all aspects of creative arts. We encourage our students to be independent users of ICT and to continue this process across the curriculum and at home. Students can access their documents and files using email, Its Learning or by using a USB memory stick for storing files. They will also complete a range of homework exercises to develop their coding, research and planning skills.  All homework will be recorded on the school Show My Homework system.

Students have two lessons per week of ICT in Year 7 and complete a range of modules which ensure students have the ICT skills needed to use across the curriculum. We also introduce students to Computing - using programming skills to design and test a simple computer animation. We also focus on e-safety with students understanding how to stay safe when using ICT and give them an opportunity to design a safe social networking website for children. 

In Year 8, students have one lesson of ICT per week and use the skills to complete longer, more demanding ICT based tasks such as setting up a new sportshop business, designing and testing a news app or website and more advanced programming skills when designing a computer game. 

In Year 9, students will be taught one 6 week module of Computing/ICT within the Design Technology rotation.  This will involve students writing their own revision activity for primary school students and using their skills to produce a computer game or magazine.


Computing, Business and ICT - Key Stage 4

For Year 10 in 2016 we have run GCSE courses in Computing and Business and Communication Systems through the options at Key Stage 4.  We have guided our students to select the most appropriate course for their interests and future plans.  Computing is most suitable for those students who want to study programming and are likely to pursue a career in the IT industry in the future.  Business and Communication Systems will help students who wish to study how ICT is used in the workplace and also to understand how a knowledge of ICT and Business can be useful for any future studies and employment opportunities.

In 2017 we will be offering Computing GCSE [AQA] and the new 9-1 Business GCSE [OCR] which are both academic subjects in the style of all new GCSEs.  We will also be offering a vocational ICT course [OCR Cambridge Nationals] which is more suitable for students who want to study the use of ICT but are not ready for the higher level demands of the Computing GCSE.

Head of Department: Mr J Radbourne - radbournej@wellandparkacademy.com




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