Welcome from the Principal

Learning for Life

Welcome to Welland Park Academy, an outstanding, thriving and inclusive school integral to the wider community realising, through the execution of our Mission Statement, our core value - Learning for Life.

We believe that with the right circumstances every one of our youngsters can become world class learners and make significant academic progress. I am privileged to work with a highly capable and dedicated group of governors and specialist staff.  We offer a diverse study programme to ensure all students develop the requisite knowledge and skills for life in modern Britain and beyond.

We pride ourselves on the family feel of this small school which operates a purposeful and safe learning environment with consistently high standards of conduct. We draw upon our own expertise and extensive range of networks to empower our students to become caring, competent and responsible in their contribution to the community.

We have always appreciated the very high level of parental support at Welland Park; your involvement is integral to our aim of realising the maximum potential of our young people. This will enable us to realise excellent outcomes right through to the end of Key Stage 4 and personalise our transition programme for students to make informed decisions regarding Key Stage 5.   

Our Prospectus and website provide lots of information but please take the opportunity to visit our Academy at any time and speak to our staff and students!

Our Mission Statement

Working together to provide the highest quality education for each student, through our commitment to continuous improvement.

Values of the Academy

  • To provide high quality teaching and outstanding learning outcomes for all our students.
  • To provide a safe, caring and structured environment where students feel valued.
  • To provide a broad and balanced curriculum in an atmosphere conducive to effective learning.
  • To encourage students to work co-operatively, respecting each other, adults and their environment, to become confident, happy and successful individuals.
  • To facilitate lifelong learning by providing opportunities and resources for community learning.
  • To create an effective partnership with parents, governors and the wider community.
  • To establish professional working relationships and to facilitate the professional development of staff to achieve the school aims.
  • To work within a framework of equal opportunities and to encourage an awareness and appreciation of cultural and religious diversity, in accordance with British values.
  • To challenge all students to achieve their potential and develop the academic, social and cultural skills to contribute to a modern society.


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