Welland Park Academy Student Council


The Student Council are a body of students that meet at 8.15am on Tuesdays in order to help identify & improve on issues that may affect a students’ daily experience at Welland Park.

 We relaunched in late September 2017 and have since then been very busy!

 So far this academic year we have:

  • Re-organised the structure of the Student Council to incorporate 2 tiers – a Full Student Council and an Executive Student Council.
  • Been part of the process to elect and then continue to work with the Head Boy and Head Girl.
  • Been instrumental in bringing about changes in rota systems for PE equipment and the introduction of sports leggings in PE.
  • Successfully applied for funding to supply some classrooms with additional Key Stage 4 specific dictionaries.
  • Successfully applied for funding to assist with purchasing stands for text books to improve posture within lessons.
  • Taken part in some recent appointments of teaching staff.
  • Played an active part in the development of ‘Silver Branch’, a newsletter written and edited by KS4 students.
  • Been consulted on potential developments in the dining hall and with the Academy uniform.
  • Discussed our rewards and sanctions policies and the possible benefits of a house system.
  • Discussed plans for a peer based mentoring system.


Ours in a continuing journey of development. We look forward to representing the student body in making progressive and positive changes to our environment and building a closer community within the Academy.


YEAR 11    Ruairidh Maclean (Chair) & Huw Chadwick

YEAR 10    Callum Jackson & Emily Jones

YEAR 9      Loren Harrison & Eve Townsley

YEAR 8      Maeve McKenna & Evie Rous

YEAR 7      Maisie Gibbon / Hanna Maslyk & Izabel Read



YEAR 11    Huw Chadwick, Shannon Gray, Emily Howes, Ruairidh Maclean, Callum Renwick

YEAR 10    Jack Barrs, Callum Jackson, Macy Oldershaw, Molly Pye, Emily Jones, Ashley Mansah Lawrence

Year 9       Huba Agocs, Loren Harrison, Grace Howe, Tayla Hunt, Joseph O’ Connell, Sam Punter,

                 Luke Thackstone, Eve Townsley, Darius Woodbridge

Year 8       Oscar Gibbon, Olivia Marsden, Maeve McKenna, Eveyln Rous, Hayleigh Turner, Corin Willcocks

Year 7       Daisy Cook, Maisie Gibbon, Hanna Maslyk, Izabel Read, Ellie Wykes







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