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School Food Champions Programme

Following on from the success of our involvement with the prestigious National School Food Champions Programme, supported by the Department for Education, we are proud to announce that we have been awarded with a Certificate to celebrate the fact that we successfully raised our uptake of school meals by 5% consistently throughout the year.  One of only two schools in the country to achieve this.

Mrs Dare, Head of D & T, our School Food Champion will continue to help guide our journey to deliver exciting, wholesome lunchtime food, more food engagement and more student interaction and say with what is going on with food across the school.

We look forward to you getting involved in finding out how things are now and how we continue to plan for the future.

Mrs Dare will be working closely with our leadership team and catering department giving us an opportunity to deliver a programme which will enhance the health of pupils and encourage them to eat better school lunches.










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