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Music - Key Stage 3


We are a busy, thriving department with emphasis on performing, composing and listening through practical music making. Lessons are timetabled for one hour per week across KS3. Extra-curricular provision for Performing Arts is extensive and aims to cater for a wealth of interests and abilities. We have regular performances throughout the year including lunchtime and evening concerts, Bistro’s and other cross-curricular events and bi-annual musicals supported by our team of instrumental tutors.

Each unit of of work is delivered in half-termly modules with regular assessment throughout. Participation through singing, keyboard skills and playing on their own instrument, if appropriate, is central to students learning. We provide challenge for students of all abilities within the classroom. This includes the use of Apple iMacs to support and enhance our curriculum.  

Music - Key Stage 4

Those students who choose to study Music further at KS4 will have the opportunity to do so by taking GCSE Music in Year 10.  Welland Park Academy is currently delivering OCR specification J536. 


The new OCR Music GCSE (9-1) provides a contemporary, accessible and creative education in Music. Students are able to demonstrate their musical skills through performing, composing and appraising (listening).

Through studying five set ‘Areas of Study’ students broaden their musical understanding and appreciation. Diverse styles of music are explored, from past and present, from Western traditions and other cultures. Students are encouraged to be creative with them through their own performances and compositions.

Studying Music at GCSE allows students to develop their interest and musical skills in a wide range of styles. They will make music both as an individual and as part of a small group.

Life skills will be developed including critical and creative thinking, aesthetics sensitivity, emotional awareness, cultural understanding, self-discipline, self-confidence and self-motivation.

Students wishing to take GCSE Music (9-1) must have good instrumental or vocal skills, motivated, enthusiastic, independent, good team players and committed to the subject. 

The assessment of GCSE Music (9-1) consists of three mandatory components:

  1. Performance on the learner’s chosen instrument. Composition to a brief set by the learner.

    Assessment Overview: Integrated portfolio – 60 marks – non-exam assessment

  2. Ensemble performance. Composition to be OCR set.

    Assessment Overview: Practical component – 60 marks – non-exam assessment

  3. Listening and appraising. A written paper with CD. Aural recognition and context unheard/unfamiliar music from within the areas of Study 2, 3, 4 & 5.
    Assessment Overview: Listening and appraising (05) – 80 marks – 1 hour and 30 minutes written paper. 

For a closer look at the specification please click the link below.

Head of Department: Mrs Caroline Towers -


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