The mathematics department is a thriving and growing department consisting of five full time and four part time staff including dedicated support from a specialist HLTA. We deliver a two-year key stage 3 and a three-year GCSE curriculum.

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Mr A Gaskell (Head of Mathematics)

Miss L Barnes (2nd in Mathematics)

Mr M Jerred (Vice Principal)

Mr R Loasby
Mr I Preston

Mrs S Ram

Mr D To

Mrs E Corcoran

Mrs D Goodband


Upon entry to Welland Park Academy, students sit a baseline test. We use this, as well as the student’s Key Stage 2 mathematics results to set into groups by attainment.

Year 7 and 8 students have 3 x 1 hour mathematics lessons per week and follow the Pearson key stage 3 scheme of work, which is differentiated to ensure that students make the best possible progress.  The scheme of work is a pre-requisite to the GCSE scheme of work, which is studied during years 9 to 11. Ten units are covered per academic year with students sitting formative end of unit assessments to ensure all stakeholders are aware of a students strengths and areas for development. End of term and end of year assessments are also taken for both formative and summative purposes.

Key Stage 4

Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Mathematics (1MA1)

Year 9 students have 3 x 1 hour mathematics lessons per week whilst year 10 and 11 students have 4 x 1 hour lessons. Students follow the Pearson GCSE scheme of work, which is differentiated by Higher and Foundation tiers. Over the course of three years, students will study 20 units of work at Foundation level and 19 at Higher level. Students sit a formative assessment at the end of each unit. End of term and end of year assessments are also taken for both formative and summative purposes. These assessments are taken in strict examination conditions, replicating the experience of taking their actual GCSE.


Homework is set weekly across all five year groups in the form of specific check-up questions, designed to determine the students understandings of the specific objectives covered in lessons.

We also subscribe to the online homework package, where students can use their personal log in details to complete tasks and receive online help and guidance.


‘Maths Surgery’ is open every break time, lunchtime and after school, Monday to Friday, for students to discuss any misconceptions or concerns with any available mathematics teacher.

We contact parents/carers to inform them of upcoming assessments and appreciate any support that can be offered at home.

We sell MathsWatch DVD’s for £4. Each disc contains revision clips, worksheets and solutions to every topic taught at GCSE Foundation and Higher level.


UKMT Mathematical Challenge

Our higher attaining students are entered for the UKMT Mathematical Challenge annually. Year 7 and 8 students attempt the Junior challenge, whilst Year 9, 10 and 11 students attempt the Intermediate challenge. Students can be awarded bronze, silver or gold award and earn the opportunity to progress to later rounds of the challenge.


Student Investor Challenge

We run this competition along with the Business Studies group. Perfect for any future City big wigs!


Happy Puzzle Company

We invite The Happy Puzzle Company to Welland Park Academy annually to work with our students to develop their problem solving skills as well as their sense of teamwork.


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