The curriculum we offer at Welland Park is broad and balanced. We introduce students to a wide range of experiences, knowledge and skills. We encourage independent learning and reflection through a variety of teaching and learning styles. All teachers work hard to make lessons relevant, challenging and fun, making excellent use of our extensive ICT facilities. This quality education is delivered through the academic, pastoral, social and community programmes of the College.



  • Design, Technology and Art
  • English and Drama
  • Humanities – History
  • Geography and R.E.
  • Information and
  • Communication Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Modern Languages – French and German
  • Music
  • P.E. (incl. Dance)
  • Science


Citizenship Includes

  • Careers Education
  • Environmental Issues
  • Health Education
  • Cultural Awareness


Preparing for the next stage...

Our curriculum also focuses on the skills and qualities required for successful participation in our society. We attempt to engage the interest and motivation of students and encourage a wide view of education as a lifelong learning experience. Most of our students transfer to the Robert Smyth School at the end of the Key Stage. Hence our Year 9 programme seeks specifically to ensure we challenge and prepare our students for the rigours of KS4 and beyond which will be delivered at the Upper School. The strong links and liaison work carried out between our two schools to ensure a continuity of provision and approaches.